The Truth About Guy Cummings – Setting The Record Straight

Most of what appears online about Guy is garbage. Anyone can post anything online. This is why he prefers to go by Tony rather than Guy.
He was falsely accused of larceny by “Renée” in Scottsdale AZ in the early 90’s. They were dating and she even admitted on air during an episode of Unsolved Mysteries that she fell for him. They dated for a while and she willingly threw money into the relationship for vacations and all sorts of outings; then he left her and as many women do, she chose to spitefully seek vengeance. She claimed the money was extorted despite most of it being on her own credit cards bearing her own signature. That hogwash was dispelled by attorney Lawrence Debus of Debus & Kazan, Ltd. in Phoenix. The case was dismissed.
Subsequent to that, in 1994 he was falsely accused of assault and kidnap by “Christine” in Raynham MA. They were very much involved as she was totally enamored with him. When he left her she tapped into her Police Chief father to lodge absurd accusations despite the fact that during her “hostage” period she accompanied him to clubs and bars including a karaoke cabaret where she attempted to perform “Summer Lovin” from Grease. During this “ordeal” she booked a personal training session (without him present) and bumped into a friend in the ladies’ room (where she could have indicated that she was being “held against her will”) but did nothing of the sort. That, too, was dismissed after FBI Special Agent David Chaves who, at the time was a Raynham police detective, investigated the matter and discovered the truth.
There is also some online nonsense about Indiana and Christmas gifts. He was NEVER in Indiana and, if this episode is true, relates to a different Guy Cummings (there are SEVERAL online and more than one other has legal issues).
Regarding the purse snatching incident, the woman had actually misplaced her purse under a jacket and found it later….. but of course that part of the story was never told as it would dispel the allegations reported in the news.