Submit Your Script to Iron Fist Productions, Inc.

At Iron Fist Productions, Inc., we’re always interested in learning of great production ideas. To that end, we are happy to receive your production idea to determine if we believe it would meet the muster and get into production.

We do NOT accept scripts, screenplays or the like that we do not specifically request. If you send us an unsolicited script, we will NOT read it and it will be discarded and not returned. For this reason, we encourage you to follow script submission guidelines exactly.

Balancing our need for projects with our limited time can be a tad tricky, so we’ve set a process to ensure a smooth process for all.
In order to consider your project, it must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have (or be near to) a completed screenplay, written in the international standard script format.
  • Worldwide rights must be available with no encumbrances (unless seeking co-production), and permission to submit to Embryo Films must be granted by all the writers on the project
  • We STRONGLY recommend that your script be registered with WGA.

If your script meets this criteria, we’d like to review what you’ve got.

However, please note that we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT accept unsolicited screenplays.
For legal reasons, we only accept what we REQUEST. For us to request your screenplay, you must complete THREE Steps:

STEP 1: Use the form on the next page to submit your LOGLINE ONLY. Using one or two sentences only, pitch your project to us.

STEP 2: If we think it would be a good match for us, we will request a ONE-PAGE SYNOPSIS ONLY. Then, using one page only, you must give us the entire overview of your story.

If we are interested in your project, only then will we request your completed screenplay, which must accompany a signed Release Form. (Note that by submitting your logline, you are agreeing to the terms. This step is a formality for legal reasons.)

PLEASE NOTE: If your script is NOT READY prior to giving us your logline, please clearly indicate the exact date it will be available. There is nothing worse for us than getting excited about a project, only to discover it will never happen. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY PROJECTS THAT WILL NOT HAVE A COMPLETED SCREENPLAY WITHIN ONE MONTH FROM TODAY.

If you can meet the criteria on the previous pages, please send us your logline (next page). We are open to ANY story or project of any budget or genre.

Submit your logline now